Beard Product Review – Two Beard Oil Scents from Bearded Ape Beard Care

Bearded Ape Beard Care is an American beard product company from Florida. The company currently offers a few beard oil scents as well as apparel and other branded accessories, such as coffee mugs and smartphone cases.

In this article, I will review two of their beard scents, which are totally different from one another. The scents are named Mojito Scent and French Roast.

Besides offering beard oil, apparel and accessories, the company prides itself on having put together a fundraiser which aims at helping one of their friends whose son Sean is currently fighting for his life, due to Alexander disease. This terrible disease damages the kid’s nerves and the family is currently having trouble paying the huge medical bills involved in the process. Mr. Arian Reyes, the owner of Bearded Ape Beard Care, has decided to give back a heavy portion of their profits to Sean’s family, in order to help them pay the medical bills.

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French Roast – An Amazing Scent of Vanilla-Flavoured Coffee

French Roast Beard Oil from Bearded Ape Beard Care

The French Roast scent is a terrific blend of rich coffee beans with notes of vanilla that are just right. This beard oil smells very good. It smells exactly like a bag of vanilla-flavoured coffee beans. Personally, I like vanilla scents, as long as they’re not overly sweet, and this one is spot on.

Combined with a scent of coffee beans (I wouldn’t say it smells like a cup of coffee), this helps provide a rich beard oil scent, but rich in a good way. Obviously, you must like the smell of coffee to enjoy that one. If you do, this is a well-balanced vanilla coffee scented beard oil. It smells a lot during the first few minutes, but dissipates substantially thereafter.

Mojito Scent – Mint and Citrus at its Best

The Mojito Scent is a more summer-like, refreshing kind of beard oil scent. This one contains sweet uncommon notes of tangerine and lime (lemon is usually the go-to citrus scent in beard oil), combined with medium notes of mint. The ingredients are extremely well-balanced. I would say the scent is about 50% citrus and 50% mint.

This beard oil feels quite fresh, and the fact that it’s so well-balanced helps reduce the negative elements of both the citrus and the mint. When used abusively, citrus become too acidic and mint can feel like you’ve put Vicks Vaporub on your face. This is definitely not the case with Bearded Ape Beard Care’s Mojito Scent. Even if you’re not usually into either mint or citrus beard oil scents, the uniqueness of this scent might be a mind changer for you.


Both of these beard oil scents contains the following high quality organic ingredients:

Jojoba Oil, Marula Oil, Castor Oil, Argan Oil and aromatic blends of essential oils.

Feeling on Beard and Skin

Bearded Ape Beard Care‘s beard oils are slightly thicker than normal. This is usually a good thing, as it’s usually a sign that castor oil and other high quality have been used in large proportion rather than cheap carrier oils.

I will admit that these beard oils are a bit harder to apply than average, and a bit greasier too. This is not a showstopper at all, but just something that’s worth pointing out. I think these beard oil could benefit of being just a little bit thinner.

Nonetheless, the oil feels great on the beard and skin, gives a shiny look and they both smell awesome. Furthermore, the company provides pump caps instead of classic or Euro droppers. I like these a lot. Beware not to use too much though. One and half push is enough for an average beard.


There are two good reasons for using Bearded Ape Beard Care‘s beard oil. First of all, their French Roast and Mojito scents smell pretty good and contain high quality ingredients. This gives, as a result, premium grade beard oil, for a very decent price. As I mentioned, it could benefit of being a bit thinner, as it’s above-average thick texture makes it harder to apply.

The French Roast scent combines the rich scent of coffee beans and vanilla. The Mojito Scent is an agile blend of tangerine, lime and mint. It’s a perfect mix of citrus and mint, with only the positive aspects of both aromas.

The second good reason for using Bearded Ape Beard Care‘s beard oil is the fundraiser that’s been put together in order to help Sean, the son of the company owner’s fellow who’s fighting for his life due to Alexander disease.

To Sean and his family: Our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Learn more about Bearded Ape Beard Care on their Etsy website. You can also follow them on Facebook.


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