Beard Product Review – Three Beard Oil Scents from BeardBrawler

BeardBrawler is an American beard oil company from Indianapolis, Indiana.

The company offers 3 beard oil scents very different from each other. All of them smell very nice and the branding really makes them stand out from the competition thanks to hand-stenciled artwork painted by the owner himself.

In this article, I will review the 3 beard oil scents from BeardBrawler named Crisp Lighting, Boulder Tosser and Nice Guy in Disguise. These are 3 spicy beard oils with their own style at a pretty decent price, with 1 oz and 2 oz bottles available.

Crisp Lighting – A Unique Blend with a Wide Range of Aromas

The Crisp Lighting beard oil scent offers a unique blend of several aromas, including black pepper, cedarwood, orange, fennel, eucalyptus and clove. That’s impressive, daring and gives a very interesting result.

Don't miss your chance to find out how to clean fleshlight. Stop waiting, read now! Fennel and black pepper are predominent, but the other aromas aren’t far behind. Eucalyptus is very subtle and gives a light menthol twist to the blend, and that’s fine this way, as eucalyptus is hard to quantify. It can become over the top easily. Kudos to BeardBrawler for using eucalyptus the right way!

Cedarwood is rather subtle too but definitely helps giving a different touch of spice. The same goes for clove, although it’s a bit more present.

Overall, I liked this beard oil very much. I’ve been using this beard oil quite often since I got it.

Boulder Tosser – Even Spicier

The Boulder Tosser scent is spicier than the Crisp Lighting. It’s a totally different animal too. This one contains all-spice leaf, camphor, cinammon (cassia – certified organic), tangerine, orange, ylang ylang, patchouli and blue tansy.

This is a complex blend with predominent notes of cinammon and woodsy notes of conifer. The citrus notes brought in by tangerine and orange help tone down the cinammon notes. Personally, I love cinammon scents, but just like eucalyptus, it doesn’t take much for it to become unbearable. In this beard oil, the cinammon notes are strong, but with the help of citrus and the variety of aromas in this blend, the Boulder Tosser is one hell of a beard oil.

Nice Guy in Disguise – Spicy and Refreshing

The Nice Guy in Disguise beard oil scent is on the spicy side, but in a totally different way than the other two reviewed in this article. This one contains peppermint, citrus and mild notes of spruce. These are the aromas that make it spicy. The other aromas in this blend are lemongrass, lime, tea tree, sage, lavender and natural basil. As a result, this gives a refreshing, spicy, woodsy and herbal beard oil. This is a daring blend that smells great and offer a pleasant range of aromas of various types.

This beard oil is also very citrusy. The combination of lemongrass and lime are predominent, and the peppermint is well-balanced. These aromas blended together help make a refreshing beard oil.


BeardBrawler’s beard oils all have a golden Jojoba oil base with blends of certified organic and natural essential oils.

Feeling on Beard and Skin

The quality of BeardBrawler’s beard oil is great. The texture is neither too thin nor too thick. The use of golden Jojoba oil as the base carrier oil really shows up in terms of feeling and benefits on both the beard and skin.

These beard oils applies very well on the skin, and the scent remains for several hours on the beard without being overly present.


All in all, I was impressed by BeardBrawler’s beard oils. Each one has a unique spicy twist, the quality is great and the hand-stanciled artwork on the bottles is badass. I like the fact that the 3 blends are daring and offer a wide range of aromas in a well-balanced way.

BeardBrawler is definitely a beard oil company that needs your attention!

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