Beard Product Review – Four Beard Oil Scents from The Gilded Beard

The Gilded Beard is a Canadian beard product company based in Alberta. The company prides itself on creating a wide range of all natural handcrafted beard products, as well as shaving products and various men grooming accessories.

This article is the first part of a product review series for The Gilded Beard.

Don't miss your chance to find out how to clean fleshlight. Stop waiting, read now! In this article, I will review four awesome beard oil scents that are very different from each other.

In the second part of the review series, which will be published shortly, I will review one of their beard shampoo, a mustache wax as well as a beard balm.

RootBeard – Sassafras on your Beard

RootBeard Oil from The Gilded Beard

The RootBeard beard oil scent from The Gilded Beard may seem strange at first glance, but let me tell you one thing, this is one hell of a beard oil scent. As its name says, this scent is based on the classic soft drink named Root Beer, which is made of Sassafras. This scent is rather sweet and somewhat spicy, with mild woodsy and herbal notes. It smells just like a can of Root Beer, really.

You might think that adding a soft drink aroma on your face is weird, but this Root Beer scent is definitely worth trying out. Kudos to The Gilded Beard for having this twisted yet effective scent idea!

Creamsicle – Yep, Just Like the Frozen Dessert!

Creamsicle Beard Oil from The Gilded Beard

The Creamsicle beard oil scent is as daring as the RootBeard, and again, it’s quite impressive how realistic the scent is. It smells so good, you almost want to drink it.

This one smells very sweet and provides an interesting blend of vanilla and orange, just like the famous frozen dessert. Compared to the RootBeard, I would say that the Creamsicle scent is less versatile. It smells good, but it might not be the kind of fragrance you want to wear in the office or at the bar. However, if you combine it with a mild beard balm scent, you can get interesting results.

Nevertheless, I like to wear this beard oil every once in a while. It’s unique and stands out from the competition, there’s no doubt about that.

Bay Rum – Spice and Citrus

Bay Rum Beard Oil from The Gilded Beard

The Bay Rum beard oil scent offers a sweet, spicy and citrusy blend that smells terrific. Unlike other rum-based beard oil scents I have used so far, this one has a unique spicy twist brought in by what appears to be clove. It’s doesn’t smell like alcohol at all, which is a good thing for a beard oil. The citrus notes are well-balanced and help make a solid beard oil scent you can wear at all times.

This beard oil scent is the most versatile of the group and one of the company’s most popular scents. Personally, I think this beard oil is the most impressive of the four I have reviewed from the Gilded Beard.

Sweet Ginger – Lemongrass and Ginger

Sweet Ginger Beard Oil from The Gilded Beard

The Sweet Ginger beard oil scent is very citrusy, with subtle notes of ginger. The citrus notes come from lemongrass, and although the ginger notes are subtle, they help balance the blend agilely. The ginger helps make the scent less acidic and more versatile.

This is a great scent for summertime and you’ll definitely like it if you’re into lemon and lime aromas.

In my opinion, the ginger could be more present. I think the blend could benefit from its presence by reducing its acidic properties even more. Nevertheless, this beard oil is pretty nice and refreshing. It can also bring a summer feel to your never-ending winter.

Feeling on the Beard and Skin

The Gilded Beard‘s beard oils are premium quality. This is obvious just by the list of ingredients, which is: Sweet Almond Oil, Argan Oil, Castor Oil, Apricot Oil and Vitamin E.

I like beard oils with Castor Oil a lot, because these are usually more nourishing for beard hair and the thickness of this oil helps significantly with beard shaping. However, balancing Castor Oil adequately is not an easy task. Therefore, several beard oils that contain Castor Oil are sometimes very thick and hard to work with. This is not the case with The Gilded Beard‘s beard oils. Good job guys, you nailed it in that regard, big time!

I have nothing negative to mention about The Gilded Beard’s beard oils overall feeling. The texture is perfect, the scents aren’t too strong and the oil applies like a charm.

To be continued…

This was the first part of this product review series for The Gilded Beard. The second part will include one of their beard shampoo, a mustache wax as well as a beard balm.

Stay tuned!


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